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Wakeboarding Lingo

What the heck is a 'gnarly nose-bone' anyway? Get up with the boarding-lingo so you're not left dazed and confused.

How to Get Up on a Wakeboard

Tips on getting up and kickin' your first time out on the water. We learned by trial and error so you don't have to! Whether you're eight or eighty, we've got a great guide for first-time wakeboarders.

Foundations: Getting Started

Before you can even get on the water, there are many things you will need to consider. here, we discuss how you can get ready for your first wakeboarding excursion.

Foundations: Finding Rides

You can't go wakeboarding by yourself! If you're having trouble scraping a crew together, we have some tips for you to try to get hooked up with a crew.. and get that all-important return invite.

How to Pull a Wakeboarder

How to drive a wakeboard boat. Covers the fundamentals: keeping a constant speed, pulling a new rider, maintaining order.

How to do Base 180s

How to do 180s on a wakeboard. Covers the four base 180s, heelside frontside 180, heelside backside 180, toeside frontside 180, and toeside backside 180.

How to do 360s

How to do a 360 on a wakeboard. Covers the four basic 360s, heelside frontside 360, heelside backside 360, toeside frontside 360, and toeside backside 360.

How to do a Toeside Back Roll

How to land the easiest toeside invert on a wakeboard. The Toeside Backroll.

How to do a Tantrum

How to land your first wakeboarding invert. A walkthrough of landing the most basic trip flip, the Tantrum. Learn how to do a flip the easy way.

How to do a Raley

In the sport of wakeboarding, the Raley is the kingpin. There is no other trick that will give you more respect for your money. The raley is the biggest, most high-flying of the base inverts. And here you'll learn to stomp it.

How to do a Heelside Back Roll

A walkthrough of landing one of the most basic wakeboarding inverts, the Heelside Backroll. Land a flip, impress the girls (or boys.. if you're into that).

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